5 Things You’re Doing Wrong in Digital Marketing

photo from imarketdx.com

photo from imarketdx.com

When done correctly, digital marketing can tremendously help a business grow in a number of ways. What some advertisers don’t understand is that focusing on one single marketing channel can be damaging to one’s digital strategy. Just like a delicious and satisfying recipe, a marketing campaign should consist of many ingredients. It’s important to use a multi-layered approach, understand the relationships between the marketing channels and how they can complement each other.

Winning the game of digital marketing can be a tricky concept. In order to see and prove success, goals must be clearly defined before the start of a campaign. Then, these goals must be attained using proper channels. In order to figure out if your campaign was a success or not, you need to refer back to your original set goals and compare metrics accordingly.

You already know that strategizing your marketing plan can dramatically help your business, but here are 5 things you may not know, or you’re doing completely wrong:

1. You’re focusing on metrics that don’t matter. Similar to what you read in this article called “Success Metrics: Delivering Data that Matters to You”, using the right tools to deliver the results and data you need is crucial. In order to manage a digital marketing strategy, one must have agreed-upon performance metrics and know what matters. You know your business better than anybody, so let us know exactly what you want to see in your results. Try streamlining your campaign by making a list of all of the elements you want to measure.

2. You’re letting anyone do it. Your business is your baby and you don’t want just anyone babysitting. Experience is key, so let the professional marketing and advertising executives handle your campaign with care. Staying on top of all marketing trends, not just social media, will keep your business ahead of the industry.

3. You’re not willing to fail. It’s fairly common in the marketing world to have a campaign that doesn’t perform the way you expect it to. If a program isn’t producing desired results, don’t just walk away from it without asking questions. A few tweaks can get it back up and performing stronger than ever. It is all about optimization.

4. You’re advertising in the wrong places. What works for one business may not necessarily work for you. Figure out where your presence should be, whether it’s in a display ad, blog, video, or anything else. You won’t see great results unless you use a multi-faceted approach to your digital marketing. Push your business through multiple channels, find where your success is, and go from there.

5. You don’t know your audience. Do you know your audience as well as you think you do? Unfortunately, guessing what your audience will do doesn’t cut it. In this day and age, we have access to search patterns, advertising interactions, data-driven decisions, social media conversations, and more. All of these factors can help us create an educated plan as to how to reach that specific audience.

Maybe you aren’t doing any of these things wrong. Maybe your ROI is through the roof and your business is booming. However, if that isn’t the case, reconsider your digital strategy and analyze these 5 common mistakes. It could completely change the way your campaign works.


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